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Manage risks more effectively

ClearForce delivers a complete integrated solution that protects organizations and employees from insider threat by continually evaluating leading indicators of high risk behavior and financial stress in and outside the workplace. Because our solution is fully integrated and automated – it is easy to deploy, offered as a secure cloud based solution, with no additional resources to manage.

ClearForce provides centralized, efficient adjudication and regulatory and legally compliant workflow to take action.   The ClearForce solutions operate with full employee consent, removes judgmental bias through standard job level policy, automates checks & balances, and provides appropriate levels of anonymity and security.

Identify threats more quickly

In early February 2017, Government contractor Harold Martin was formally charged with stealing highly classified intelligence files.  A search of his house and car turned up 50 TB of data – the electronic equivalent of a half a billion pages of sensitive information.

Had ClearForce continuous employee evaluation been in place, we would have known that he had been charged with using a computer for harassment in 2003; with a DUI in 2006, and with impersonating a police officer during a traffic stop in 2008.  His employers would also have known that he had an outstanding lien on his house for almost 14 years.  A system with the capability to monitor in real-time, supported by a legally complaint workflow that can securely archive all communications and past data points allows for a more complete picture to emerge before a negative event… not after.

Maintain compliant security

ClearForce provides real-time risk reduction by enabling your organization to see the developing financial stress before it reaches an unrecoverable point that drives a once trusted employee to potentially becoming an insider threat.

ClearForce alerts are in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act and Equal Employment Opportunity Act requirements.  That makes the information actionable in real-time. When combined with our standardized and legally compliant workflow, you can take appropriate action to reduce risk without fear of subsequent legal issues. This end-to-end process is true risk reduction, not just risk identification.