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Impact of Insider Risk

2016-09-15 16_16_55-ClearForce Transportation Industry Briefing 01-15-2016 - PowerPointThe yearly cost of workplace crime in the US alone is staggering – close to 1.8 trillion dollars, with $627 billion dollars attributable to insiders. Worldwide, these numbers almost triple.

For both business and government, the danger can emanate from organized criminal enterprises, terrorist organizations and rogue nation-states… or from competitors down the street as well as one’s own employees working alone or with others to gain access to intellectual property, assets, or valuable data.

Employees, vendors and contractors have something that organized outside threats do not have–insider knowledge and access, which at the enterprise level makes them a potentially more likely and lethal danger.

Federal employees with security clearances are screened every five to ten years. The average company does not screen employees at all after hire. Corporate consultants and vendors who walk in the door of your facilities each day are almost never screened.