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ClearForce is a new breed of application

ClearForce is a new breed of application that moves the enterprise from a reactive view of cyber threats to one that proactively addresses the full insider risk life cycle. Well over half of all losses to US business in 2014, an amount exceeding $627 billion, were caused by, or facilitated through, insider action. ClearForce was developed over the course of two years to tackle this problem head on, in consultation with America’s premier employment law and advisory service firms.

IMG_01102015_172653The application brings the IT and HR organizational elements together to identify and mitigate potential insider risks:

  • Prioritizes risks based on how they impact the individual in their organizational role
  • Merges external information gleaned from financial and arrest data with internal information captured through data analytics
  • Provides a compliant workflow that protects the organization even as it safeguards the individual.

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