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The Problem of Insider Risk

Cyber threats have gained the attention of CEOs and boards because they are a massive problem. The scope and scale of the problem is massive and growing exponentially – up 230% in the last five years.

Insider threats are a major component of cyber risk. We developed Clearforce because research indicates that more than half of corporate losses from cyberthreats involve insiders who initiate or participate in these crimes.

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Cybercrime is a growing in size and scope as a threat to US and global growth
and prosperity. As you know from picking up almost any newspaper, cyber criminals are doing their part by compromising commerce, government security, and personal information worldwide with such sophistication and speed that business and government entities are failing to keep up.

Most organizations conceptually want to do more to mitigate insider risks, they just don’t know how or where to turn. We offer a unique and effective solution.