ClearForce and the Cyber Guild Partner to Prevent Cybercrime

ClearForce CEO Tom Miller recently joined the Cyber Guild’s Governance, Risk and Compliance Community. The Cyber Guild’s commitment to attracting diversity to all levels of the industry and to ensuring opportunities are as universal as talent make them a key part of the cybersecurity workforce.  


The Cyber Guild is a growing network of tenacious and dedicated cybersecurity professionals, drawn from across the private and public sectors united by a shared purpose to create a more secure works by making cybersecurity the fabric of everyday living. They operate on the cutting edge of the cybersecurity industry, identifying the latest trends in both threats and defense and cultivating a strong community of likeminded talent.


No businesses or IT organizations are immune to today’s cybersecurity threats. Cybercriminals are relying on increasingly sophisticated methods and technologies to gain access to business networks and cause disruptions or steal money, data, or intellectual property. Preparing to face this threat could be the difference between safeguarding an organization or suffering irreparable losses or reputational damage.


Addressing the digital dangers facing America’s businesses will take a diligent and unwavering defense team that can help to prepare an organization’s response in the event of a cyberattack, using effective tools to identify both insider threats as well as external hackers like the Russian ransomware crew who breached the Colonial Pipeline in 2021 .


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