Senate Hearing On Capitol Riot Underscores Value Of Intelligence In Preventing And Managing Crisis Situations

If you think an intelligence failure can’t lead to a crisis, then think again.

As reported yesterday by the Washington Post, “Top officials responsible for security at the Capitol on Jan. 6 as it was overrun by a mob backing former president Donald Trump blamed wide-ranging intelligence failures for the deadly attack at a Senate hearing Tuesday.” The officials pointed “… to lapses that included a missed email warning of violence and a larger inability to recognize the threat posed by domestic right-wing extremism.”

Tom Miller is the CEO and co-founder of ClearForce, which specializes in the detection of high-risk behavior in the workplace. “The Capitol riot is a good example of what happens when an organization lacks ongoing accountability,” he observed.

“Business leaders need to use the events of Jan. 6. as an example of the worst-case scenario of losing touch with individuals who have been disconnected and implement systems and policies to avoid this type of organizational failure,” he said.

There are several steps corporate officials can take to help guard against intelligence lapses at their organizations that could lead to a crisis.

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