Trellis interview with CEO Tom Miller

Trellis' President of Private Transactions, Dennis Crowley, recently sat down with Tom Miller, Co-founder and CEO of ClearForce, a people risk management company that detects early behavioral pressure and stress indicators. The company combines privacy, compliance, analytics, and workflow automation to create a new, human capital global standard for behavior risk evaluation.

ClearForce is a real-time reporting platform that offers three main solutions for employers, which include insider threats and cyber security, safety concerns, workplace violence, discrimination, and suicide prevention and mental health. Tom says that the platform offers non-intrusive monitoring to workplaces that provides them with early warning signs, which allow employers to address any issues preemptively.

Tom started out as a banker working in business analytics and risk management and has spent his whole career focused on those areas. As an entrepreneur, Tom has raised over $35M in seed and venture capital. He has consulted for many of the top U.S. banks and presented topics at industry events and conferences related to risk management, insider threats and the application of analytic technology and policy. Listen to the full podcast here:

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