United States Air Force Innovation Arm, AFWERX, finds technical merit for ClearForce’s Suicide Prevention Technology

Vienna, VA. — November 7, 2022 — Decades of studies show leading indicators like financial and legal hardship, relationship troubles, and substance abuse place service members at high risk, yet commanders are not made aware of these struggles tragically until post-suicide. ClearForce, a global technology leader in the early and ongoing discovery of human capital risk, recently submitted their Commander’s Tool solution to a U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR), focused on supporting commanders with real-time early indicators of known pressure and stress that reduce individual resilience and increase risk for negative outcomes, especially suicide.


“ClearForce aims to empower commanders and DoD leaders with a system that encourages course corrections for those at-risk before a negative situation deteriorates beyond recovery,” said the commanding officer of a U.S. Air Force Defender squadron. “Consequently, we welcomed the opportunity to evaluate ClearForce’s concept technology, which has the potential to improve resiliency and mental health.”

The ClearForce platform flips the current reactive suicide prevention model that puts the burden on service members to ask for help by monitoring, correlating, and analyzing data on social determinants and key risk factors in real-time to support earlier informed outreach and connect service members with the help they need to empower change. ClearForce uses these social determinants of health tied to public data and sets evidence-based triggers to alert when a service member is at elevated risk of suicides. 

“Having seen the ClearForce tool and talking with board members of companies employing ClearForce today, I know this can be a game-changer for our commanders,” said General Craig R. McKinley, retired U.S. Air Force and the 26th Chief National Guard Bureau. “ClearForce provides to a commander what he lacks today – a way to understand building risk before it causes a tragic outcome.”

“As a veteran myself, suicide prevention in the military community is one of the most important undertakings here at ClearForce. It is an honor for us to showcase our platform as a potentially life-saving solution,” said Col. Mike Hudson, retired U.S. Marine Corps and Vice President of ClearForce. “This tool provides real-time critical insight into when a service member is struggling so that they don’t need to make the first move in their time of need.”

ClearForce’s platform is a legally compliant, automated technology that protects privacy, removes bias, and ensures full audit capability to enforce rules and policies.

About ClearForce

Headquartered in Vienna, VA, ClearForce is building tomorrow’s safe and secure organizations by combining machine learning, compliance, and workflow automation to create the new global standard for the continual ongoing evaluation of behavioral risk. ClearForce’s Resolve platform enables public and private sector leaders to solve big problems related to Human Capital Risk, including insider threats, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and suicide prevention for veterans and active-duty military. For more information please visit ClearForce.com

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