The #1 Behavioral Risk Management Platform
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Job level sources, thresholds, policies, and roles
Legally compliant centralized workflow
Protect privacy, eliminate bias and discrimination
24 / 7 Continual push-based behavioral alerts

Automation and Configuration

Job-Level Customization

In every organization, different jobs and roles have different levels of physical and information access; and therefore, different risk. The Resolve™ Platform enables organizations to configure every aspect of risk management policy according to company positions, from selecting the sources of behavioral information and defining specific patterns and combination of events, to setting thresholds for review and evaluation.

Interdepartmental Coordination ​

Resolve™ is the only platform to create interdepartmental coordination and communication through a centralized, role-based architecture that allows organizations to limit and control secure access to all relevant stakeholders including human resources, legal, compliance, security, wellness and resiliency. Resolve’s automation ensures efficient and secure execution of policy to reduce (not add) administrative resources.

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Legal Guardrails and Compliance

ClearForce is compliant with: FCTA, EEOC, CCPA, and GDPR
Legally Compliant Workflow​

The Resolve™ platform established all the necessary legal guardrails to make external behavioral data actionable regardless of source or regulatory requirements. Resolve™ reduces liability by ensuring consistent end-user compliance with FCRA, EEOC, and strengthens attorney client privilege protections.

Protect Privacy, Eliminate Bias and Prevents Discrimination

The Resolve™ platform delivers appropriate levels of initial anonymity, separates meta data from identities, securely controls and limits the exposure of transfer of PII, manages consent, and provides automated checks and balances, as well as complete audit/logging/retention.

Real-Time Alerting

Push-Based Behavioral Alerts

Resolve™ is a unique, patent-pending technology that integrates analytical automation and human interaction with real time “push” based alerting of behavioral anomalies and patterns of compounding pressure often identified in financial, criminal, social media, and internal incident reports. The Resolve™ platform automates all of this through the continual ongoing evaluation of behavioral risk; not static/point-in-time screening.

Categorical and Configurable Web-Based Reporting​

The Resolve™ platform supports the ability for direct web-based self and third party reporting, including anonymized reporting. Unlike outdated hotlines, organizations can predefine the specific activities, behaviors and events that should be reported and can simplify, organize and configure reporting to maximize insight into organization and personnel issues

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The Resolve™ Process
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3. Evaluation
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