Financial Services

Regulatory Compliance. Employee Risk. Privacy and Governance.

Financial Services is a highly competitive, regulated industry that faces a larger and more dangerous landscape of threats and employee risk challenges than ever before: ClearForce enables real-time discovery of concerning employee behavior, the consistent and fair execution of policy, and ensures all employees are provided a physically and emotionally safe workplace.

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Proactive Risk Management

Today’s environment requires financial services employers to discover and mitigate ethical, legal, policy and regulatory violations as early, fairly and consistently as possible.

A 9-step approach reducing your risk of employee risk.

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Trust and Transparency

A physically and emotionally safe workplace is an environment that fosters trust amongst employees; a trust conveyed to consumers. The same attributes that cause consumers to choose a financial services firm are those that make a firm an “employer of choice” for leading talent employees.

A explanation on non-invasive employee protection strategies.

Advanced Governance and Privacy Protection

Violations, abuse and lack of transparency weaken consumer confidence and invite greater regulatory scrutiny, legal action, fines and penalties.

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A stressed worker at their desk.


The #1 Behavioral Risk Management Platform

ClearForce’s Resolve platform is the only inter-departmental, automated platform that supports real-time discovery of employee misconduct, provides governed workflow, employee treatment, documentation and reporting for use by security, legal and human resources.

We help our customers target employee engagement through the prudent and fair application of regulatory and customer mandated employee conduct requirements and corporate policy. Our technology adheres to today’s privacy, employment and security protocols.