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Shaping a Culture that Will Retain Employees

If employee's do not feel comfortable in the environment within the organization—chances are they will not be staying for long. Here are ways to shape a culture that drives employee loyalty.

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Technology Enabled Culture Change

Creating a workplace that is respectful, inclusive and ethical is essential to attracting and retaining employees. Cultural changes require all employees to continually work towards collective goal, and leadership to provide the technology and tools to make it happen.

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Become More Proactive

Improving workplace culture is not passive. Companies must proactively seek employee input to eliminate sexual harassment, discrimination, endangerment, and bullying.

A 9-step approach reducing your risk of employee risk.

Of harassment incidents go unreported.
Million discrimination cases have been filed with the EEOC in the past decade.

Become More Consistent

Maintaining privacy is critical as incidents go unreported because of concerns of bias, favoritism, and retaliation. Anonymity of reporting and automation of policy ensures consistent and compliant actions.

How to close the gap between leadership and employees.

Become More Fair and Equitable

Incident resolution is best accomplished when fair processes are predefined and consistently enforced. Technology establishes audit trails on who knew and when they knew and confirms all policies and procedures followed and communicated appropriately.

of victims who report sexual harassment experienced retaliation after making a claim.
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Your Legacy Reporting and Resolution is a Problem

Fundamental issues create business and cultural risk

Leadership Surprises
Lack of Trust
Litigation and Liability Risk