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Combining machine learning, compliance, and workflow automation

Continual On-Going Evaluation of Behavior Risk

Insider Threat

Susceptible to theft, vulnerable to exploitation, or distracted and prone to mistakes.


Violent crime, felony crime, sex offenders, sanctions, publicity posted threats

Suicide Prevention

Public health pressure and stress and negative coping mechanisms

The Problem

Legacy Point-in-Time Assessments of Risk are Not Effective

People are the most valuable asset of any organization, but the behaviors and actions of struggling employees can create risk to customers, co-workers and the organization. Today’s problem is that static, point-in-time assessments are outdated and ineffective.  

A Blue Iceberg - Showing risk is below the surface
Our Solution

The Resolve™ Platform

ClearForce combines machine learning, compliance, and workflow automation to create a new global standard for the continual ongoing evaluation of behavioral risk. Our customers continually discover early behavioral indicators of risk with real-time alerts from financial, criminal, social media, and internal incident reports, while protecting privacy and eliminating bias and discrimination.

SOC 2 Type II Cert