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About Us


Protecting People & Organizations

Driven by Data Analytics, Machine Learning, & AI


Established in 2015, ClearForce is a people risk analytics company that combines software, data services, compliance, and workflow automation to build safe and secure organizations.  Our patented Resolve™ platform and continuous evaluation solutions help public and private sector organizations mitigate people risk associated with mission critical initiatives for insider threat, workplace safety, cyber security, SAFETY Act, trusted workforce, and suicide prevention.   Our team has spent their careers delivering technology solutions that identify, investigate, analyze, and verify structured and unstructured data.   


Our global security experience implementing people risk management programs spans commercial, military, and government applications. This includes the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Homeland Security, transportation, energy, financial services, healthcare, and cleared defense companies.  We have deep domain expertise in security, risk management, analytics, technology, law enforcement, credit bureaus, public records, military, and federal government. 


ClearForce is a privately held firm based in Vienna, VA and founded by Jim Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Jones Group International (JGI) with a strategic board of directors that includes General James L. Jones, USMC (Ret.) former Commandant of the Marine Corps, National Security Advisor, and Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, Dann Adams, former President of Equifax, Norm Willox, co-founder of ClearForce and Chief Executive Officer of Bluewater International, Harry Gambill, former CEO of TransUnion, and Anna Cotton, former Assistant General Counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency.       

ClearForce CEO, Tom Miller is former CEO of ALI Solutions (Austin Logistics). He co-invented several patented systems including priority queuing algorithms and is former Vice President at JP Morgan Chase’s card risk management division.  Tom is an industry leading speaker and author related to people risk management and the application of analytic technology.  


Vice President, Michael Hudson Col USMC (Ret.) is a member of INSA (Intelligence and National Security Alliance). Mike sits on the Insider Threat Subcommittee and Security Policy Review Committee (SPRC) and holds the Consulting chair for Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC) Insider Threat working group.  Mike is a respected expert, speaker, and advisor on the topic of insider threat, continuous evaluation, and suicide prevention.      


Our advisory board is comprised of a diverse team of public and private sector industry leaders with domain knowledge to support clients and product development initiatives, including Maj. General Robert Wheeler (USAF, Ret.), former DoD Deputy CIO; Steve Milovich, former HR executive at Disney, Pepsi, and Honeywell; and Dr. Keita Franklin, former head of Suicide Prevention for DoD and the Department of Veteran Affairs. 


ClearForce has subject matter expertise on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the permissible use of public records, and how to implement Continuous Evaluation (CE) in a compliant model.  Our solution is designed and updated with the input and advisory from one of the nation’s most respected labor law firms, Littler Mendelson, to ensure we deliver the most compliant solutions.  Our modern Resolve™ platform, expansive data services, and deep domain expertise will serve as your trusted advisor and partner to deliver the most effective people risk management solution for your enterprise.  

ClearForce actively participates with leading people-risk industry organizations that enable us to contribute to, learn from, and share best practices with our clients and in our products.
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