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Identify & Resolve Human Risk Signals

Rise of the Insider Threat Program 

There is a fast-moving shift to implement corporate insider threat programs.  Many industries, especially those in critical infrastructure such as energy, transportation, finance, defense, technology, and healthcare, have recognized the importance of proactively addressing insider threats.  Protect your organization from potential harm caused by all who touch it.      


Individuals within and around the organization have access to sensitive information or have the potential to harm reputation, assets, or operations.  Distracted workers make mistakes.  Humans are susceptible to bribery and exploitation for personal gain. Criminal activity, social indicators, financial events, unusual behavior, and disgruntlement lead to material threats.    


Most organizations are not equipped for insider threat because they are not proactively looking at the right indicators.  They are using limited background screening programs or hotlines.  The right stakeholders do not have access to information or a system.  

It's a People Risk Problem


ClearForce  Solution Path

Power your Program with ClearForce 

Most corporate insider threat programs include leadership from the military, federal agencies, security, investigation, and law enforcement. ClearForce leadership comes from this background and core DNA.  Our VP of Insider Threat, Michael Hudson Col USMC (Ret.) is a respected expert, speaker, and advisor on the topic of Insider Threat.      


Resolve™ Insider Threat Platform 

The Resolve platform is battle-tested and proven by large government and commercial organizations for Insider Threat.


Experience . Best Practices . Technology . Data . Analytics


Contact us to learn how we drive accuracy and efficiency into Insider Threat programs. 

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