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The Shift to Continuous Evaluation & People Risk Analytics


94% of businesses perform pre-employment criminal background checks according to the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).  The background screening industry and pre-employment background checks do protect organizations, individuals, and the public.  They are a positive force and value.  Yet there continues to be an explosion of front-page news regarding fraud, theft, violence, and other people risk threats costing lives and reputations.   This has created a wave of new challenges for business leaders, who now must monitor employees for concerning behavior more closely than ever. Doing so is becoming increasingly more important and more complicated.

One-time pre-employment background checks are simply not enough.  Annual or recurring background checks only compound the cost exponentially and do not solve the problem.  There are many known gaps in background checks.  They are expensive, take days/weeks, contain limited point-in-time data, and do not provide the real-time multi-source tip/lead data that security and risk management leaders require for investigation.  There is a new path forward.

Enter ClearForce
Driven by Safety, Security, & Risk Management.


Organizations are dealing with peak levels of risk today.  The landscape has changed dramatically, event outcomes lead to high dollar costs and liabilities.  The risk population now includes executives, employees, 3rd party contractors, partners, investors, and former employees.  Security, Safety, and Risk leaders are creating a market transformation by taking ownership of the entire people-risk management process to pro-actively prevent bad outcomes, reduce risk, and reduce cost.      


Many organizations have made progress.  Global demand for monitoring software in Q1 of 2022 surged by 73% over Q1 2019. The annual demand was up 57% in 2022 over 2019.  Still, most firms face obstacles in how to implement a CE program.  The challenges are worth understanding to learn from.  Most security and risk teams lack modern software, workflow automation, data access, and compliance support required to manage an effective program.  The current state of most internal security people-risk programs looks something like below: 

  • Cross Functional Stakeholders 

  • No Centralized Application

  • Complicated Manual Workflow 

  • Security & Compliance Issues (SOC2, EEOC, FCRA) 

  • Disparate Data Sources & Formats

  • Does Not Address Bias & Discrimination

  • No Support for Attorney Client Privilege

  • No Investigation Case Management & Data Retention 

  • Limited Reporting & Analytics

ClearForce has overcome these challenges and paved the way to your success.   

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