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Visualize Insights from Continuous Evaluation & Diagnose Workforce Risk

The ClearForce Risk Analytics Platform is our newest product offering.  It delivers visualizations, trends, and metrics to Security executives for workforce risk management and decision making. 


Continuous Evaluation and Insider Threat programs detect human risk signals across many sources and can produce a lot of data.   The related investigation process and workflow through the organization also produces important data related to the program.   We have perfected the power of diagnosing all the right data and structuring the most essential elements within a modern business intelligence platform with pre-built reports, dashboards, and maps.  We have simplified complex data, so it is easy to digest and meaningful for risk leaders and executives.

Risk Analytics Service Level Options 

Add-On Application integrated with the Clearforce Resolve™ Continuous Evaluation Platform

Our analytics dashboard module sits on top of Resolve™ so you can visualize the risk data in our continuous evaluation platform.  Quantify key metrics, findings, and the overall status of your monitoring program.  Our analytics dashboard is a great management tool to view everything in one place including alert stats, trends, risk categories, roles, locations, investigation outcomes, and more.   Prebuilt visualizations and reports are organized in an intuitive landing dashboard ready to navigate.   You can choose from three primary service packages based on the number of reports made available.    


Stand Alone Workforce Risk Assessment Service

We utilize our Risk Analytics Platform to perform one-time or periodic workforce risk assessments.  This product is for clients seeking a historical risk lookback service for a defined population.  It can be used instead of continuous evaluation or as a supplementary service.  The risk assessment looks back into your workforce or supply chain to identify where you might have risk in the organization right now.  The lookback period can be configured for months or years.   Diagnose your workforce risk profile for specific indicators and mitigation planning.  The results can even be anonymized upon request for maximum privacy.  The subscription includes the lookback search results, analysis, and access to the on-line reports and dashboards to visualize the findings.


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