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Prioritize, Classify, & Score Workforce Risk

ClearForce has established a robust AI & Machine Learning environment to ingest data, train models, and then score workforce risk that could occur in the future.  

This new service provides turnkey delivery with all required infrastructure, data, and ClearForce performs all the work for you.  The service includes data aggregation, cleansing, preparation, analysis, and risk categorization. ClearForce performs the data science work to build, train, and deploy the models to produce output.  The results are delivered in our ClearForce Analytics platform for clients with on-line access to the scoring reports, findings, and visualizations for decision making. 


Clients simply need to provide their roster population and participate in our risk modeling workshop to confirm the data elements and potential historical training data to be utilized for the service.

Our Veteran Suicide Risk Model is the most recent product in this family designed for active duty or veteran service organizations seeking to move the needle and potentially save lives by using a pro-active data driven outreach.  

Discover How ClearForce AI Risk Modeling Works.



Data Collection and Ingestion

  • Gather data and risk attributes from multiple sources.

  • Client contributed data, public records, social & health attributes. 

  • Integrate data into the ClearForce AI modeling database.


Risk Factor Identification & Model Training

  • Utilize advanced analytics to identify desired risk factors within population.

  • Identify patterns, correlations, and outliers that might indicate elevated risk.

  • Train & optimize the ClearForce ML models.

ML Risk Modeling & Ranking Output

  • Run models to assess impact & likelihood of risk factors on population.

  • Prioritize & rank risks based on severity, consequences, and probability.

  • Delivery of output metrics and visualizations (identified or anonymized).


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