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Continuous Evaluation

Continuous Evaluation (CE) is the core use case of ClearForce. This is the primary purpose and application of our Resolve  platform.  The ClearForce CE solution provides on-going discovery, investigation, verification, and resolution of risks associated with your workforce and contractors.  It’s pro-active and always-on looking for a variety of signals and behaviors in real-time across multiple data sources.   


People Focused.
Driven by Safety, Security & Risk Management 

Reduce Complexity . Reduce Costs .  Reduce Risk . Streamline Operations.


Powered by Data 

Data from a mesh of structured and unstructured sources is critical for success and it can include thousands of unique sources from public and proprietary locations.  Data categories can include criminal, financial, social, internal incidents, and many others.  ClearForce will educate you on the best and most effective source combinations. 


Integrated Workflow & Investigation Management 

Data alone is not enough to conduct CE.  ClearForce unifies risk alerts from many sources integrated into a modern application purpose built for investigation, case management, workflow, compliance, and reporting.  The combination of the right data within a CE focused application is the most effective best practice.      


Process Trusted by Security Leaders 

Continuous evaluation of tip and lead risk data to protect the organization is a core function of corporate leaders in security, insider threat, investigations, safety, and operations.  Legal and HR are also key stakeholders in the CE process and require access. Organizations are making security and safety a top priority.  ClearForce is the leading enterprise grade solution for end-to-end CE that engages all stakeholders.   


Market Shifting to Benefits of Continuous Evaluation 

Organizations are making the shift from periodic background checks to continuous evaluation to protect their organization, workforce, and stakeholders.  When implemented in a compliant manner, the business case benefits are easy to justify.    



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