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Unified People Risk Application & Data Service

This Simplifies Everything!

One Platform for Continuous Evaluation of People Risk.   


ClearForce has created a new class of software and data services designed to address the well-known challenges of people-risk management.  Resolve provides security and risk leaders with a centralized platform that unifies stakeholders, data, and workflow into a secure environment for investigation that simplifies privacy and compliance.  The patented Resolve™ platform is a 100% cloud-based application and data service that continually evaluates criminal, financial, social media, and internal incident data to deliver automated push-based alerts in real-time.  Identify, manage, and resolve people-based threats in a fully FCRA and EEOC compliant manner.  


Protect your organization
Drive efficient investigations  
Build a trusted workforce   

Automated Alerts & Investigation Workflow

Continual Evaluation & Alerting

Automated continual real-time push-based alerting of people-based risk events, anomalies, and patterns identified in criminal, financial, social media, and internal incident data. 


Automated Workflow

Automated workflow engine to facilitate the discovery, investigation, and resolution of risk alerts.  Ensure efficient and secure execution of policy to reduce time and cost. 


Policy Based Alerting Display

Configurable alert display filters and policy rule engine to support internal guidelines.


Investigation & Case Management

Investigation case workflow and data collection with notes and attachments.  See prior archived alerts and forming trends.  Resolve can be used as the final source of record, or you can export full case file details to another system.    

Simplified Privacy & Compliance

Cross Functional User Support

Role based access for the stakeholders required to investigate and review alerts including security, legal, compliance, human resources, and IT.  Unique capability to route workflow for attorney-client privilege when applicable.


Trust, Privacy, Compliance & Audit

Built-in legal guardrails to protect privacy, eliminate bias, and prevent discrimination.  Ensures FCRA and EEOC compliance.  Anonymity of alerts separates data from identities, limits exposure of PII,  and manages consent. Digital case file delivers audit of who knew, what they knew, and when they knew it.  

Analytics & Integration

Reporting & Analytics

Built-in reporting of alert types, trends, categories, volume, and location visualizations.  Advanced analytics and custom reporting service options are also available.      


API & Integration Options 

Multiple integration options for uploading rosters and receiving alerts including a fully supported API, SFTP, and import/export from our user interface.  

Roster Management

Easily load and maintain your population roster(s) and assigned data services.

Expansive Data Services

Multiple Data Sources

Multiple public and proprietary risk alert sources from thousands of locations unified in a simple interface for rapid investigation. Support for structured and unstructured data formats across criminal, financial, social, internal, and other risk sources.  


Internal Incident Alerts

Resolve includes an on-line portal to capture internal, third-party, and anonymous reports of illegal, threatening, or risky behavior within the workplace.  Support for pre-defined lists of reportable activities such as theft, fraud, harassment, substance abuse, criminal activity, mental health, or other events.  Internal alerts are a critical data source for effective risk management.  

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