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Risk Data as a Service

Access and use of the right data in a compliant manner is a critical success factor in protecting your organization from people-based risk in the workforce and supply chain.  ClearForce data services focus on human risk signals required to support Insider Threat, Security, Safety, and Post-Hire Continuous Evaluation programs.  

We offer six categories of risk data, and each category can include multiple sources to choose from.  ClearForce will guide you to the best combination of sources to include in your program.


Our Risk Data Service is delivered within the ClearForce Resolve™ platform as the primary user interface for triage and investigation.  This data can also be integrated directly into your internal platform upon request using the ClearForce API.



Most organizations start with criminal risk evaluation.  ClearForce can evaluate the entire flow of data through the justice system. We support all criminal record types including arrest, booking, county court,  federal court, sex offender, warrants, and global watchlists. We can drill deeper into specific charges related to your policies.



Civil court record indicators can be important to identify protective orders, civil lawsuits, and individual stress that could create organizational risk.  They can also supplement a broader investigation to view all legal system interactions. 



Risk signals like negative credit triggers, liens, judgements, and bankruptcies can put financial stress on people and cause them to do unnatural things like theft, fraud, or espionage.  Criminal and Financial risk are the leading causes of high-profile incidents that cost organizations the most.


Social Media

Social Media data includes adverse media, open internet postings, and dark web activity.  This data is unstructured, and we look for patterns, sentiment, and keywords to score risk and provide real time social media threat intelligence.


Internal Incidents

Internal incidents include events like threats, violence, harassment, discrimination, and other policy violations witnessed or reported in the workplace.  We offer a web-based portal to collect these alerts so they can be investigated within the same platform as the other public record alert types.    


Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

These data attributes provide insight of the social determinants of health and their corresponding risk to an individual's health including an extensive collection of patient-level data.  This provides ClearForce with high quality data to analyze and model hundreds of environmental, financial, legal, and other risk factors of an individual.  


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