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Optimize & Integrate Your Pre to Post Hire Screening Programs

ClearForce specializes in post-hire risk solutions to detect, investigate, and mitigate human risk signals in the workforce and supply chain.  We are experts in helping clients implement comprehensive solutions that are integrated with the pre-hire background screening programs.  This solution creates operational efficiencies, closes risk gaps, and reduces cost.  Our solutions have become the perfect bridge between Security, Insider Threat, and HR organizations seeking to optimize the pre and post-hire risk management function. 


We partner with industry leading Consumer Reporting Agencies that have integrated with ClearForce, so employees are automatically enrolled into our post hire continuous evaluation platform after the pre-hire background check is completed.  They help us deliver full 360 visibility into the pre-hire and post-hire risk screening process data flow.  


Our partnership with the leading labor law firm, Littler, provides you with consent, disclosures, investigation, and policy best practices required to implement and maintain the most effective post hire monitoring program that is fully integrated with your pre-hire background screening program. 

Our Pre to Post Hire Screening Optimization Service Includes:

  • Audit and review of current screening firms & packages.

  • Assess current value, risk gaps, and overlap.

  • Recommend potential improvements or revised packages.

  • Negotiate with and/or recommend CRA providers from our network.

  • Provide CRA market insight to optimize background screening quality & spend.

  • How to properly address continuous monitoring for employee & contractor populations.


Optimize Pre & Post Hire Risk Evaluation 

Gain Operational Efficiencies 

Close Risk Gap 

Reduce Cost 

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