ClearForce for Veterans

Support of Suicide Prevention and Veteran Resilience

ClearForce dynamically prioritizes outreach and communication of available benefits to support veterans when they need support, through a public health model that protects privacy and builds trust.

Recent insights
Rethinking the Construction Industry’s Suicide Prevention Model Will Save Lives Today

The construction industry has one of the highest suicide rates by population for males.

A soldier helping another soldier off the ground

Shifting the Burden

Events in our life can create compounding pressure and stress. Some veterans will ask for help, but the majority will not. ClearForce proactively discovers in real-time the evidence-based social determinants indicating a veteran is more likely to require additional support at that time

Dynamic Outreach

ClearForce enables more effective outreach programs by dynamically prioritizing veterans who need immediate support so that benefits can be communicated and provided when they are needed and not simply when they are scheduled.

Solider sitting with his daughter. She is holding the American Flag
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Built For Trust

ClearForce is built on a foundation of privacy protection and information security. We use secure role-based administrative access, anonymity, and automated checks and balances to eliminate bias and discrimination.

  • SOC 2 Type II Certified
  • FCRA Compliant
  • EEOC Complaint

A Team of Veterans

ClearForce has a deep sense of service and commitment that runs from through the company from our General Office leadership on both our board of directors and advisory board, to the officer and enlisted veterans that make up the core of our team. ClearForce is focused not only on mission success for our clients, but also seeks to give back to and support the veteran community.

James L. Johnes' photoJames L. Jones
Board of Directors
Craig R. McKinley's PhotoCraig R. Mckinley
ClearForce Advisor
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VP, Government Solutions
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ClearForce Advisor