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Trusted Workforce 2.0

The Trusted Workforce 2.0 initiative includes automated alerts for terrorism, foreign travel, financial activity, criminal activity, credit, public records and eligibility.  Alerts are verified and action is taken to investigate and mitigate to ensure staff meet security clearance requirements.  Trusted Workforce 2.0 is the enterprise approach to transform the personnel security process from periodic background checks to real-time continuous vetting.  It is the most far-reaching reform of the Federal Government's personnel vetting system ever. 

ClearForce is part of the movement. Join us!


Why Reform?  

The current approach for workforce and contractor vetting is outdated, expensive, and has known gaps.  Moving to a continual process will address new and on-going threats.  The vetting process required modern transformational reform in line with new missions, societal norms, threat landscape, changing workforce, and evolving technology. 


What this means for Business? 

Workforce and contractor vetting is the process by which individuals undergo investigation, evaluation, and adjudication.  It encompasses the policies, processes, and tools used to determine whether personnel should be in a trusted position.  Trusted Workforce 2.0 will reduce the time and cost required to bring on new hires, enable mobility of the workforce, prevent high-dollar risk, provide visibility, and ensure safety.  These are the very same objectives of corporate security, safety, and risk management leaders.  The federal government approach is paving the path to success for business.  Many corporate organizations have already moved in this direction with similar initiatives for insider threat or workplace safety.    


Build a Trusted Workforce 

It is critical to build and maintain a trusted workforce.  These individuals have access to valuable and confidential data, critical systems, trade secrets, financial information, or other sensitive resources.  Trust is earned and it should be vetted continually. 

ClearForce can help! 


Learn more about the DCSA, Continuous Vetting, and Trusted Workforce 2.

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