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Harry C. Gambill

Harry C. Gambill served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of TransUnion LLC from April 1992 to August 2007. Mr. Gambill joined TransUnion in 1985 as Vice President and General Manager of the Chicago Division. Mr. Gambill has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He serves as Chairman of Consumer Data Industry Association (formerly, ACB). He served as Vice Chairman and Director of TransUnion LLC from August 2007 until April 30, 2012. He has been a Director at Capgemini Financial Services International Inc. since March 2005. He has served as a Director of ALI Solutions, Inc. since March 2009. He has served as a Director of Recondo Technology, Inc. since May 2009. Mr. Gambill served as a Director of Acxiom Corp. from 1992 to February 2006. He is an active member in various credit industry organizations. He serves as the Chairman of the Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee of Adjoined Consulting, Inc. He holds degrees in business administration and economics from Arkansas State University and is a member of the University’s Business School Advisory Board.

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