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Norman A. Willox, Jr.

Norm Willox, former Chief Privacy Officer of LexisNexis and the Chief Executive Officer / Founder of Bluewater International, with significant experience developing high growth companies from $5M to $500M. These companies have been largely information services technology operations, including Insurance, Financial Services, Energy, Healthcare Data, Government, Law Enforcement, Cybersecurity and Homeland Security. At LexisNexis, Mr. Willox served as Chief Executive Officer of Government Services, as well as Chief Officer for Privacy, Industry, and Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Willox presently serves on numerous corporate advisory boards, including Infozen, Coalfire, Baird Venture Partners, Comvest, Center for Identity at University of Texas, and I Got It Solutions. Mr. Willox has been a frequent speaker and published numerous articles, reports and studies regarding fraud, identification, authentication, and privacy before many national and international professional and law enforcement organizations. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from West Chester University.

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