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Protect organizations and employees from insider crime
Why ClearForce?

ClearForce addresses your most significant source of business, customer and reputational risk. The application does this by proactively identifying and remediating leading indicators of insider crime or other negative activity. ClearForce offers real-time alerts of workforce challenges to allow you to resolve issues quickly.  And since ClearForce enforces an automated and standardized workflow, you can spend less time managing ad-hoc responses to personnel issues that arise.

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ClearForce Features
  • Continually evaluates criminal, financial and high risk behavior in and out of the workplace
  • Protects organizations and employees from insider crime or negative activity
  • Proactively alert the organization in real time
  • Provide a legally compliant workflow to guide appropriate actions
  • Platform customized by industry, company and job roles
  • Part of a holistic risk identification and mitigation capability


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ClearForce Benefits


  • Early identification of risk drives better outcomes for company and employee
  • Proactively address crimes such as cyber breach, fraud, theft, violence in the workplace
  • Impact potential financial, customer, reputational, and human capital loss
  • Cost savings include operational cost reduction, crisis cost prevention, compliance cost avoidance



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ClearForce Value

ClearForce uniquely provides a regulatory and legally compliant workflow to take action. It incorporates internal performance and incident reporting to create a centralized repository, while allowing for decentralized action. It operates with full employee consent and provides appropriate levels of anonymity and security.

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The Impact is Significant

US economy lost $1.18 trillion in direct cost in 2014
Insiders implicated in 53% or $627B of US business losses

  • Insider Statistics

    Cyber Crime

    $111B estimated yearly cost
    1,450 reported attacks in 2013

    Fraud and Theft

    $870B estimated yearly cost
    61% of losses involve managers
    & senior executives

    Workplace Violence

    $202B estimated lost productivity
    1/6 of all violent crime occurs
    in the workplace

  • Costs are Growing Rapidly

    • 2010
    • 2011
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2014

    230% increase in just 5 years to
    resolve a US cyber attack

    Source: Ponemon Institute