White Paper

A Year in Review: 2020 Workplace Scandals & What They Say About Today’s World of Work

There is no shortage of things for business leaders to reflect on this year. From how Covid-19 impacted their sales and work-from-home policies, to how social movements and workplace scandals called into question company values, the events of this past year have had an undeniable impact on the world of work. The changes brought forth by Covid-19 have emphasized the importance of culture in uniting distributed workforces. But even when the pandemic is over, there will remain a public desire for organizations to be held increasingly accountable for their contributions to creating a safe, secure, and equitable company culture – or in some cases, their lack thereof.

This white paper details three of 2020’s most notable workplace scandals – within the Washington Football Team, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and McDonald’s – and highlights for business leaders what should be the lessons learned from these organizations’ experiences.

Read the white paper and explore:

  • A letter from ClearForce Board Member, Dann Adams
  • Case Study #1: The Washington Football Team
  • Case Study #2: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Case Study #3: McDonald’s Franchises
  • A 2021 Outlook: Where We Go from Here
  • Checklist for Leaders to Prevent Workplace Scandals in 2021
  • Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves