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Enough Is Enough

ClearForce CEO, Tom Miller provides insights into proactive approaches that can be taken to both identify and prevent life-threatening risks in today's workplace.

Informed Monitoring

Company surveillance programs often initially track employees without their “informed” knowledge by identifying behavioral patterns proven to correlate with policy breaches, including data theft and enabling management to take unilateral action. But these “big data” programs sometimes track...

Flipping the Model

The number of veteran suicides has tragically risen over the past decades. Despite a tremendous effort from government and advocacy groups to reverse the trend, the number of suicides over the years do not show a sustained decrease over time: just the opposite.

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How to Effectively Mitigate Employee Risk

Every company, across every industry, is vulnerable to insider risk. A human workforce, coupled with internal or external coercion as well as errors in judgment, puts any company unprepared for the worst-case scenario at significant risk.

Verifiable Fraud in the Payroll Protection Program

Criminals historically seek to defraud federal government assistance programs, especially in a time of national emergency. The Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has heightened risk due the...

INSA Paper Addresses Bias and Insider Threat Programs

The Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) released (01/23/2022) a new white paper, Strategies for Addressing Bias in Insider Threat Programs, that can help insider threat and security managers identify and mitigate biases that undermine ...

2020: A Year in Review

There is no shortage of things for business leaders to reflect on this year. From how Covid-19 impacted their sales and work-from-home policies, to how social movements and workplace scandals called into question company values, the events of this past year have had an undeniable impact...

Veteran Suicide Prevention

Each day, 20 Veterans die by suicide; 14 of those Veterans are not in contact with the VA. The Veteran’s Affairs administration actively seeks to increase the level of engagement with at risk Veterans. Realistically, the VA does not operate with enough resources...

Opportunity for Continuous Assessment...

In the aftermath of the January 6th riot at the Capital, 25,000 National Guard troop from 50 States and three territories were deployed to Washington DC to protect the Presidential Inauguration as part of Operation Capitol Response. 

Preventing Police Misconduct...

Law enforcement, union and community leadership throughout the country have long recognized that a small percentage of officers are responsible for a disproportionate share of complaints and misconduct. The actions of these individuals undermine community support ...

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