White Paper

Preventing Police Misconduct Through Root Cause Continuous Assessment

Law enforcement, union and community leadership throughout the country have long recognized that a small percentage of officers are responsible for a disproportionate share of complaints and misconduct. The actions of these individuals undermine community support and public trust, make policing more difficult and stressful, and tarnish the reputation of all sworn officers in the towns and cities they serve.

Today, police officers are under a great deal of external, internal and environmental pressures that – if left unchecked – can build to a point that negatively impacts their ability to support the communities they serve and increase the risk of unintended negative outcomes.

Learn how ClearForce can:

  • reduce distractions, support positive decision-making, and ultimately uncover concerning behaviors far enough in advance to resolve issues before they manifest into significant problems
  • protect the privacy and civil liberties of individuals in law enforcement through consent and anonymity, elimination of bias and favoritism, alignment with department policies and collective bargaining agreement
  • rebuild community trust and effectiveness.