White Paper

Veteran Suicide Prevention

Each day, 20 Veterans die by suicide; 14 of those Veterans are not in contact with the VA. The Veteran’s Affairs administration actively seeks to increase the level of engagement with at risk Veterans. Realistically, the VA does not operate with enough resources to reach out to every Veteran every day; therefore, it has created calendar-based outreach programs that prioritize populations of Veterans. The Solid Start program supports improved outreach for newly transitioned Veterans, a population at elevated risk. Still, 70% of Veterans die by suicide without direct contact, resources, or engagement from those who can help.

ClearForce is a global risk management company that provides a state-of-the-art, real-time behavioral risk monitoring platform that is easy to deploy and operate. The ClearForce platform discovers individuals who are at an elevated risk of pressure and stress that creates risk to their organization, coworkers, or customers; or places them at elevated risk for self-harm or suicide.

Learn how ClearForce can:

  • Alert of known stressors and patterns of compounding pressure often identified in financial,
    criminal, social media, and self/support group reports.
  • Enable a more dynamic and timely outreach to Veterans at-risk, so they can receive the resources available at their greatest time of need.